Basic Information About The Costumed Adventurer Simulation Engine

As stated on Technohol 13,'s parent site, I've been producing super-heroic gaming material for decades. I freely share the fruits of this labor with the world, and I never attempted to charge a dime for any of this work - even where I could probably get away with doing so. But as Technohol 13 ages, I grow wary of hosting my completely original content alongside material that hinges on others' copyrights.

Thus, I have created this web space explicitly for the Costumed Adventurer Simulation Engine. This particular domain exists to showcase all my original writing for the Costumed Adventurer Simulation Engine, whether it comes in the form of the corpus of rules or entirely original characters I have crafted for use with it. In other words, everything housed at is free from the copyrights of others!

As for the name of the domain itself, sorry about that. The intention was to go with, as an ostensibly clever pun on the fan name for the old MSH RPG rules, but between the time I settled on that domain and the time I went to purchase it (about ten minutes), someone managed to snipe it out from under me. That'll teach me to procrastinate, now, won't it? Well, probably not. But one can hope?

Technical Details is a very simple site that belongs to the Technohol 13 constellation of such. All of the material featured here was originally written for Technohol 13, though I spun my entirely original works off to this and a few other related domains to keep them away from material that isn't clear of others' copyrights. Should Technohol 13 get knocked off the Internets somehow, this site should nonetheless remain!

This site itself does not have an SSL certificate, because it does not require one - no matter what Google would like you to believe. Just about everything served up by this web domain is entirely passive in nature. It's an information repository, and nothing more. The only active feature is the function I installed that allows those using it to change the color of's livery more to their liking.

And even that can be disregarded if one does not wish to use scripts or cookies, depending on their browser of course. Speaking of the color changing apparatus, readers may view in any of the following colors: black, red, orange *, yellow, cyan, green, blue, or purple! Without choosing one of these, cycles through them on its own over the course of a given month.

* Yeah, I know the orange style isn't done yet, and it's just a clone of yellow. I never got around to making that before I was forced to put further work on the site on hold for the time being. So you'll probably see yellow one fourth of the time, unless you hate it and specifically pick a different color. Or even if you don't hate it! Sorry about the hassle; I'll fix that as soon as I can!'s Content Sharing Policy

As indicated elsewhere, the Costumed Adventurer Simulation Engine is a distillation of decades worth of role-playing content creation. While it is an all-new variation on a decades-old rule set, written anew from scratch to preclude copyright claims anyone might consider against its verbiage, the CASE was not created in a vacuum. We stand on the shoulders of giants, as the saying goes.

What I'm trying to say is that I do not claim sole stewardship over the Costumed Adventurer Simulation Engine. While I am the sole author of the CASE itself, I am happy to allow others to use some, or even all, of the CASE's original rules text in their own, subsequent works, should they desire to. In making such an allowance, however, I impose one essential condition upon any such efforts.

In other words, the rule set of the Costumed Adventurer Simulation Engine is offered under the Attribution 4.0 International license (CC BY 4.0). You may copy and redistribute the text of the CASE in any medium or format desired. Furthermore, you may remix, transform, or build upon the CASE for any purpose, even those that are commercial in nature. That's incredibly generous, when you get down to it.

The sole catch is that I require others to properly credit me and my writing when using it in their own products. After decades of having my material shamelessly stolen by countless bad actors in the gaming community, this point is non-negotiable. Such attribution of my contributions should include my name and e mail, as well as a link to itself. That's just about it!

Sure, the hope is that you also release the text of your own, subsequent Costumed Adventurer Simulation Engine developments under a like license, but I'm not going so far as to insist on that. The goal here is to enrich the community, after all, and the whole point of the CASE is to create an open-ended gaming system that belongs to everyone. But in the end, I cannot control how others will use my work.

Should a developer wish to utilize some or all of the Costumed Adventurer Simulation Engine without such attribution, ostensibly wanting to take credit for my efforts, they may approach the author with a financial offer to that effect. Simply giving credit where credit is due seems simpler, but while I consider myself quite charitable by nature, I definitely don't work for free.

Note that the above refers only to the text of the Costumed Adventurer Simulatione Engine. Any art I commission for use in subsequent CASE products is not covered under this license, and I retain full copyright over that. Yes, the CASE itself is free for everyone to use, but art is what makes an individual CASE product (and potential, deluxe files featuring them) unique and appealing!

Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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